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Citra Collection - Company Profile

Citra Collection was established in 2000 by Mee Lan & Jhony, Located in Surabaya - Indonesia. Citra Collection was appointed as an Authorized Distributor of Swarovski, the world class producer and trendsetter of crystal jewelry components.

Citra Collection it had become one of the biggest comprehensive beading store in indonesia with customers that scattered in whole Indonesia and foreign. Who Offered :

  • Swarovski Crystal Component
  • Japan Sequins
  • Pasir Jepang (MGB)
  • Accesories
  • Watch
  • Stones
  • Sequins Bags
  • Fresh Water Pearl
  • Synthetic Pearl
  • Shoes
  • All kind of jewelry parts and supporting components.
We also open a training for handcraft class, so the customers can create their own design and get a sufficient training pertinent to beading, while all the stuffs and professional trainers are completely provided.
Popular Client :
  • Ibu. Dahlan Iskan
  • House of Lea
  • House of Jhony
  • Goen Salon
  • Gunawan Salon
  • Tinara Bridal
  • Ovan Putri Bridal
  • MAX Bridal
  • Medeline Jane
  • Melia Wijaya
  • Ayok Dwi Pancara
  • Djoko Sasongko
  • Lilik Sasongko
  • Ivan Julius
  • Selina